Literary Consulting, Editing
& Translating Services

My goal is to take your text and not only correct any errors in grammar and usage, but rework it where necessary, while acting as a first reader to sort out any possible confusion. And when it comes to translating, I offer a Swedish to English translation service, ensuring correctness and professionalism.

I have many years of experience in editing (and translating) the following:

  • Academic Editing
    • Theses
    • Dissertations
    • Research papers, etc.
  • Manuscript Editing & Critiquing
  • Business Editing
    • White Papers
    • End User Documentation
    • Newsletters
    • Website copy, etc.
  • ESL Editing - Assuring non-native writers of idiomatic
  • General Editing
    • Resumes, CVs and Cover Letters
    • Important Correspondence
    • Speeches, etc.
  • And much else besides.

Contact me for more information.

Other Resources

Johannes Svensson – My colleague and partner-in-crime, Johannes is an excellent writer with a brilliant flair for words, particularly in the speculative fiction genres. He regularly consults for me in providing valuable feedback and detailed story critiques to authors curious to learn what aspects of their writing they can improve on.

Photographer and Book Cover Artist Abrey Adams – Looking for just the right amount of surrealism for your speculative fiction novel? Abrey Adams can help you. She has an amazing eye and a knack for adding that special something to her images that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Translator Lisa Isaksson – If you need translation from English to Swedish, or are looking for expertise in the Swedish language, contact Lisa Isaksson. She will provide you with high quality translations and is always a pleasure to work with.

Book Designer David Moratto – If you're looking to prepare your manuscript for publishing, book designer David Moratto will help you with your book's design from start to ready to print.

What People are Saying:

"Jessica is one of the most meticulous and prompt copy editors that I have ever worked with. She is fast, fun, and reliable. I enjoyed working with her as she gave genuine feedback in a very timely fashion and I would strongly recommend her to anyone."
- Kevin Hanegan, Software Course Developer and Trainer, Somerville, MA.

"Jessicas arbete håller en genomgående hög kvalitet, i jämförelse med andra leverantörer står hennes arbete verkligen ut. Vi har även fått bekräftat av våra kunder att vi gjort rätt i att använda hennes tjänster. De har påpekat att vårt översatta marknadsmaterial håller en väldigt hög kvalitet och inte på något sätt kan liknas med den svengelska man ibland kan utläsa ur översatta texter."

"Jessica's work maintains a high level of quality throughout; her work truly stands out. We have even received confirmation from customers that we did the right thing in using her services. They have pointed out that the quality of our translated marketing materials is high and do not in any way resemble the Swenglish that one can sometimes encounter in translated texts."

- Emma Forsberg, Marknadsansvarig,
Visionutveckling AB.

"I felt that you gave me more than the standard feedback compared to the previous editor on my first novel by commenting on issues in the storyline that didn't quite read well or to raise questions on its flow. The result was a stronger, more polished novel than I had expected."
- Mark Radford, Novelist, Portsmouth, UK.

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