Frequently Asked Questions

What is your education and experience level? Can I trust you to do a good job?

I have a Master's degree in English and have worked for more than ten years as a copy editor, proofreader, technical writer and editor, and translator. If you're curious about the details of my résumé, you can find that information here.

Words and editing are my passion, and when it comes to the text in question, I really throw myself into it. I am certain that you'll like my work and how it can add to yours.


What is your editing process?

I think an important first step is to get to know my client and what his or her needs are when it comes to the text that requires editing. Once initial contact has taken place, I will provide a free, short, sample edit and an estimate of the fees for a complete edit. If you decide to work with me, we can proceed from there.

I primarily edit documents in Microsoft Word, but can accommodate other formats as well, such as PDFs, Open Office documents, etc. Feel free to contact me and ask.

I will edit your document with the "Track Changes" feature, which will allow you to see what the edit will look like, as well as allow me to gauge the level of editing needed and the time it will take to complete the edit.


Do you really know Swedish well enough to translate my document?

Jag har bott i Sverige i många år. Jag har studerat i Sverige, jag är gift med en svensk man och har stor erfarenhet av översättning från svenska till engelska.*

*I have lived in Sweden for many years. I've studied in Sweden, am married to a Swedish man, and have a great deal of experience in translating documents from Swedish to English.


You are located in London and Sweden, but I'm nowhere near there. Can we still work together?

Absolutely. I have clients in several countries around the globe. The internet has made the world much smaller, and has made it very simple for me to work with geographically distant people nearly as easily as if we were next door.


What are your fees?

Fees are typically determined based on the project. However, I usually charge per thousand words, rather than per hour, so as to be more fair to the client. Depending on how light or heavy the edit is, the fee may range anywhere from $15-150 USD (₤8-90 GBP, €10-100 EUR, 100-1200 SEK + moms) per thousand words. But I will first supply you with a free sample edit or translation along with an estimate.

Do you require a percentage of the fees up front?

I ask for a 50% deposit via PayPal before starting work on a project. The balance on all freelance editing fees is due within a ten day grace period of the completion of the project.

If you are located in Sweden, I have an F-skattsedel and will provide you with an invoice for the project.


What's the quickest way for me to get in touch with you?

Email is the best and fastest way to get in touch with me. It is checked regularly, and answered daily.

Do you have a button so I can link to your site?

Wow! I'm honored that you'd ask. In light of several button/link requests, I now have the following button. Simply copy the text below and paste it into your site:

What People are Saying:

"Jessica has a keen grasp of both British and American English, and will point out even the smallest obstacle to the flow of your story. But more than that, she has a keen insight into the author's mind, and will not only edit the form, but also help you with the clarity of the content, and her witty comments will make it seem as if a friend is looking over your shoulder, helping you become a better writer. She is the best copy editor I could wish for."
- Susanne Hülsmann, Author, London, UK.

"I really appreciate Jessica's edits and her comments. She goes beyond what other editors have offered me. Without charging extra, she does the grammar edits and she points out places in my story that are not clear to her, as a reader. By doing this, she's helped improve my stories. This is very special in an editor."
- Sara B. Healy

"I was extremely pleased with Jessica's work on my first novel. I have and will continue to recommend her services to all of my writing groups and friends. She was professional and friendly to work with. She not only corrected grammar errors but gave excellent suggestions for improvements with descriptions and content."
- James Todd Cochrane, Author, Juneau, AK.

"We have the privilege of having Jessica as a contributing editor for our online Swedish-English dictionary,, and we cannot express enough our gratitude for her help. We feel that Jessica possesses a strong sense of the nuances of the Swedish and English languages, something which you don't find in a lexicon. She has contributed a great deal to how our dictionary looks today, and her helpful attitude towards our users is invaluable."
- Hasse Svensson, Associate Editor-in-Chief,

"I have used Jessica now on literally dozens of pieces of work and can recommend her unreservedly. She is adept at spotting even the most obscure errors and grammatical ambiguities, and has consistently delivered high quality work, often at short notice. I have to use a rival professional proof-reader at a well-known company that I work for from time to time, and Jessica's work is far more insightful."
- Andy Hayler, CEO,
The Information Difference.

"Jessica is one of those talented folks who has a skilled eye and detailed grammatical knowledge, but she's got more than that in her toolbox--Jessica is special. She has the ability to look at my writing and assist me in making it more than it could have ever been on its own. She catches grammatical mistakes, knows what can be done to make the language clearer and more readable, and then can see the big picture of what I'm trying to accomplish. When my work falls short of my vision she knows what questions to ask to help me realize what can be done to make my stories the best they can be. She's invaluable."
- Marguerite Croft, Author,
San Francisco, CA.

"I had the privilege of having Jessica on my documentation team for five years. Her knowledge and instinctive feeling for the English language comes through in her work, and she helped us non-native speakers getting the right phrasing in our manuals. Jessica is creative, smart and has a good sense of humour, which makes working with her a true joy."
- Jan Lundberg, Director,
Citec Information.

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