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I love my job. Really. You'll often find me annoying my friends and family, correcting their grammar and typos. I'm like that red pen-wielding teacher who marked up your papers in school.

But this has actually served me well when it comes to working as a copy editor. I can spot a "to" that ought to be a "too" from a mile away. Language, grammar, words, punctuation—these things are my passion.

Even good writing gets better with good editing and proofreading. It's easy to become too familiar with your own writing and miss the things that a reader with a fresh set of eyes would not. An editor can be a bit more ruthless about taking good text, paring and shaping it, and turning it into something great: something you, the writer, had in mind all along.

It's my job to make your documents clear, concise, correct, consistent and comprehensible. I will ensure that your text flows, that it is sensible and accurate. I will act as your first reader and I will ask you the kinds of questions you would expect a reader to ask. All of this will provide you with the best document, thesis, letter, resume, article, manuscript possible before it reaches your final audience.

Whether you're planning on submitting your work to literary agencies or publishers, or going the more and more popular self-publishing route, it's important to have a set of fresh eyes take a close look. From a manuscript critique to an in-depth edit, I will be happy to provide you with the kind of feedback you're looking for with regard to story consistency, compelling characters, coherent, logical narration, etc. And if I encounter a truly amazing manuscript from an exceptional new writer, I'm more than happy to recommend it to agents or publishers, free of charge.

Errors in translations of websites or important documents can give a bad impression and cost you time and money. Whether you need a translation of a website or an academic paper, I can assure that your message will not get lost in translation. I provide correct, professional translation of documents from Swedish to English.

For editing, translating, or feedback on your writing, Contact me. I work quickly, I offer a thorough, high quality service, and I'd be thrilled to hear from you.

Jessica Augustsson
Editor & Literary Consultant

What People are Saying:

"Jessica is not just a copy editor. She is exactly what your work needs. Don't get me wrong, she does everything a good copy editor should do. She is prompt, talented and professional. But more then that, she gives the impression that she adores her job, and what's more, adores your work. Yes your work. The one you have slaved over, stressed over and are now handing it to her with the intention for her to fix it. But here is where she is not just a copy editor; she is a teacher. Whatever doesn't work with your story, she will discuss it with you and make you see why it doesn't work. She will ask you questions and make suggestions that 9/10, you had actually considered in the first place. That's how well she delves into the characters, how well she ends up knowing your work and what you are trying to say. She not only perfects your story, she makes you a better writer.

So if you are looking for a spit polish that simply dots your i's and crosses your t's, that you pay by the hour for, (I have seen them and sadly used these in the past) Jessica isn't for you. If however, you want the best, a thorough and all-encompassing edit that goes through your work piece by piece until it is something you can be proud to give to agents and publishers alike, you've come to the right place."
- Aaron Speer,Novelist, Sydney, Australia.

"I've worked with Jessica on a number of pieces over the past year. She has provided invaluable feedback about content from a reader's perspective. Thanks to her coaching and guidance, I'm more aware of common missteps in my writing from an editorial perspective. I've worked with two other editors, and I feel that Jessica hasn't just "helped" my work; she's made me a stronger author overall."
- Delilah Night,

"I paid 3 editors to do the same job just to find out who I could really count on, and based on the work done by all, I was able to conclude that Jessica's editing is on a completely different level than anyone else's. She digs deep and understands what you want to say--then she helps you say it even better while maintaining your voice. And that is a very special talent. She's effective, affordable, and is the best investment for your money. Jessica, I owe you a great debt for making my manuscript soooo much better!"
- Stephen C. Young, Direct Sales Consultant, Brampton, Ontario.

"It wasn't until after Jessica edited my texts for the first time that I realized how amazing it was to have someone not only perform sanity checks of my writing, but also to suggest improvements--and in a voice that sounded just like my own! She really understands what I'm trying to say, even when I'm not sure myself, and I can't imagine writing anything without running it by her. With her fast turnarounds, I don't need to either!"
- Martin Domeij, Technical & Academic Writer, Göteborg, Sweden.

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